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Key Duplication Service

It is always apparent how much we all miss something when it’s not there. This could not be truer when it’s our car keys. Sometimes they are just misplaced or lost and other times they just suddenly stop working all together. In today’s fast paced world most of us rely on our cars daily, whether it’s to go to work, taking the kids to school or just going to the shops, So when they are not working this can be frustrating and annoying, not to mention costly.

The average cost of replacing a car key varies a great deal, 9 times out of 10 people contact their main dealer to get a key replacement and are shocked at how much this cost. We offer the same key duplication service at a fraction of the cost.

You may be tempted to purchase a cheap key from Ebay, Amazon etc. but you are taking a huge risk. Usually these keys will either not work or won’t be able to be programmed to the car you purchased them for.

If you find you self in the position of losing a key or perhaps your only key has broken, or maybe you want to get a spare key in case of future issues, we offer both a vehicle duplication and all keys lost service. For more information or if you have any questions please contact us using the form below.


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